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Moss Walls – Tips & Ideas

Turn your boring indoors using moss walls in unexpected ways. Decorating with moss is a great way to breathe life into your home without spending too much money. Here are tips and ideas on how to use moss walls throughout your home for great visual impact.

Preserved Moss Wall in the Living room

A framed moss wall will add freshness to your living spaces. You can opt for a floor to ceiling moss wall on one side on your living room or a medium wall frame above the fireplace. This will create a strong natural and relaxing feeling. A fresh moss wall next to the staircase will also create a sense of a vertical indoor garden.

Moss Wall hangings

Wall hangings made of moss will add freshness to any space, from the dining space to the bedrooms. There are also ideal decorations if you do not want a huge mass wall. The moss wall hangings come various shapes; circle, oval, square rectangle. A large moss wall clock with a wooden frame is also a bold and interesting moss decoration.

Moss Wall Dividers

If live in a house with a large floor plan, one of the best and easiest methods to make the home appear appealing is using room dividers. A moss room divider can be a great eco-friendly way to add interest as well as functionality to your home. Moss wall dividers with wood panels can be used as stands where you can place things. While a moss wall dividers with thick vegetation can help absorb sound.