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Moss Walls – Tips & Ideas

Turn your boring indoors using moss walls in unexpected ways. Decorating with moss is a great way to breathe life into your home without spending too much money. Here are tips and ideas on how to use moss walls throughout your home for great visual impact.

Preserved Moss Wall in the Living room

A framed moss wall will add freshness to your living spaces. You can opt for a floor to ceiling moss wall on one side on your living room or a medium wall frame above the fireplace. This will create a strong natural and relaxing feeling. A fresh moss wall next to the staircase will also create a sense of a vertical indoor garden.

Moss Wall hangings

Wall hangings made of moss will add freshness to any space, from the dining space to the bedrooms. There are also ideal decorations if you do not want a huge mass wall. The moss wall hangings come various shapes; circle, oval, square rectangle. A large moss wall clock with a wooden frame is also a bold and interesting moss decoration.

Moss Wall Dividers

If live in a house with a large floor plan, one of the best and easiest methods to make the home appear appealing is using room dividers. A moss room divider can be a great eco-friendly way to add interest as well as functionality to your home. Moss wall dividers with wood panels can be used as stands where you can place things. While a moss wall dividers with thick vegetation can help absorb sound.

Best interior design blogs

Everyone loves a creative interior space because the design, nature, and quality of the place you live affect our mental tranquility and processing rate. There are plenty of interior design blogs on the internet, and picking the right one can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we have narrowed it down to the top interior design blogs to turn to for inspiration.

Apartment therapy

Apartment Therapy is the leading interior design blog for interior design hacks, tips, and inspiration. If you are looking for daily house tours and raw house designs, this is the blog for you. The blog gives the best shopping guidelines, expert interior design advice, and crafts you can do yourself. Whether you are looking for home décor inspired by your zodiac sign or celebrations like Halloween, the blog has it all.

Mad about the house

The blog is hosted by Kate Watson Smyth, a decorated journalist and an interior design enthusiast. She showcases her deep knowledge of the interior design world and showcases before and after design projects. Here, you can get home inspiration ideas and a unique range of styles.

Decorilla Interior Design Blog

Decorilla is an online decorating company that uses a new approach to interior design. In the blog, you send a brief of your design ideas, and the blog matches them to a designer. The designer advises you according to their concept and delivers different ideas based on your budget and style. Best of all, you get to choose whether to purchase items or recreate them. The blog also features articles for clients looking to do interior designing and décor:

Tylko Journal

Tylko journal is an interior design blog purposed to make internal organization simpler. It aims to give your home the perfect fit functional furniture that looks good. The blog also has an augmented reality app that lets you see the furniture you want to buy in your space before buying. Tylko does not only meet your needs but guarantees your ease and comfort in furniture selections.

Young House Love

The blog is hosted by a couple, John and Sherry, mostly a DIY blog. The blog features over 3000 DIY projects to try and decorating tips. It also features house tours and house renovation ideas. The couple designs products for Target, Wayfair, and Home Depot. Some of their collection projects are exclusively sold at Target. The site also has a DIY podcast and a book called Young House Love about home decoration.

Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Scandinavian interior design is a style that uses a blend of textures to make sleek modern décor feel warmer and more inviting. It emphasizes utility, craftsmanship, simplicity as well as functionality but also beautiful and cozy. This style focuses on minimal, simple, accessible, functional, yet affordable craftsmanship. Below are the tips for bringing about Scandinavian interior design;

Natural lighting

Introduce natural light into your space to make it appear larger and brighter. Large windows allow natural light to illuminate the room, while white walls emphasize the available light.

Play with contrast

Blend light and dark neutrals, old pieces and new pieces, abstract and natural, utility and coziness, hard and soft, straight and wavy to have a balance. Incorporate contrast by having wall paneling or wood flooring.

There should be light

Minimize window coverings and use white or pale colors on sheers and translucent fabrics. Space appears brighter, a plus for the north countries that experience long winter that is dark for the most extended time.

Choose muted colors

Muted colors is another name for dull or desaturated colors. Scandinavian interiors feature off-white, white, and gray hues together with muted blue and green colors. Other shades include muted browns, beige and cream hues that are featured in wood flooring and furniture.

Decluttered space

Decluttering helps maximize space and makes everything look more streamlined. Use color sparingly and focus on balancing anything much with the opposite qualities in the area. Avoid excessive detailing and wisely implement space. Scandinavian has an approach of ‘less is more’ mantra of having the space look relaxing and clean. Simplicity and practicality are two Scandinavian principles. Wall to wall carpeting is a no to Scandinavian design, but rugs, mainly sheepskin rugs, are used to bring texture to the floor.

Fresh flowers and botanicals

Fresh flowers and plants breathe life and brighten the spaces. They add a pop of color and add to the natural state of the room. They are letting in light, and views from outside honor Scandinavian’s appreciation for nature. Check out Tylko’s article about Scandinavian interior design: for more interior design tips and inspiration.

Choose quality

Scandinavian tradition is invested in craftsmanship, high-quality furniture pieces that are multipurpose and meet aesthetic and practical needs. Everyday items made from quality materials earn their keep as they become decorative items. Furniture used by Scandinavian has a modern and simple look.

Add some huge

Hyge is coziness, ease and relaxation felt in the space. To increase on hyge, bring in items that remind you of warmth and comfort, such as candles, soft blankets, and any other personal touches that make you happy. If space has a fireplace, you can make it the point of your hyge. By following the above principles, you create a room full of life, nature, and comfort that brings you joy.